We provide below services to companies & individuals

United Data Learning and Consulting is a one-stop solution for any individual or a company that is looking for Database Managed Services, guidance, training, and consultation in database management. We have an army of highly skilled professionals who can train, guide, and consult organizations and individuals for various technologies which include:

  • MySQL
  • Data Streaming
  • AWS Storage S3, Glacier
  • AWS Cli
  • Linux
  • Apache Kafka
  • MemSQL
  • Python etc.

  • The services provided by United Data Learning and Consulting is mainly divided into 3 segments. Anything to do with databases management and transfer of knowledge related to this can be taken care of by the company.

    Other than Database Managed Services, at UDLCC you can also get Training and Guidance to manage large, as well as small, databases. The experts associated with our organization come from a DBA and System Admin background. The curriculum and course material by our experts are designed in such a way that it will give a deep level knowledge to the trainees to handle large databases with a plethora of concurrent connections.

    UDLCC takes pride in being associated with some extremely valued partners who have received trainings from our experts. These associations have some renowned names like Dell, Accenture, Ericsson, Nexion Pro, Alchemy Solutions, Multisoft systems, and Aptron. In addition to these, UDLCC in association with valued partners has also imparted trainings for individual participants from esteemed organizations such as HCL, Dell, Accenture, Ericsson, ValueFirst, Bhutan Government, and United Health Group.

    The 4 segments that the company deals with are
  • It provides database managed services to companies for open source and free tier       databases. As a database Managed services provider, we provide services like Database       Upgrades, Installation, Configuration, Migrations, Health Checks, Capacity Planning,       Performance Tuning, High Availability & DR (Disaster Recovery), Database Backups,       Monitoring.

  • It provides guidance to companies who get an opportunity to understand database       management system and then use it effectively to maintain database. The knowledge       shared can be used to maintain databases of different sizes – small and large.

  • It also provides full-scale training in database management system. The training can      be provided to representatives of the enterprise who will then be adept in operating the      DBMS. While the database management system can be understood well by taking the      services, it is suggested that regular training sessions for the same should be taken.

  • In addition to guidance and training, the company also provides consultancy on free       tier databases to companies upon request. There are many times when a company can       operate a database management software, but they find difficulty at certain points. For       such occasions and for other reasons, consultancy can be provided by United Data       Learning and Consulting to enterprises.

  • The ultimate motive of the company remains to ensure that companies can handle their database and sort it out and use at will whenever they need to. The database, engine used for data to be accessed, and schema are all well understood after training with United Data Learning and Consulting. We ensure that the data is secure and the administration of the data is uniform.

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