What is Data Streaming ?

Data Streaming

The seamless transfer of data at a steady and high speed is known as data streaming. The idea of data streaming has been there since years but, its applications in the real world are comparatively new. This is because of the simple reason that during the initial years of the inception of world wide web, the Internet speed and connectivity was not as advanced as it is today. In the starting years, there used to be limitations of the bandwidth which was the main roadblock in streaming the data and making it reach its destination without any obstacles. During those years buffers were created by the developers which allowed the data streams to keep up the speed but, it resulted in a jitter which made the user experience to be significantly poor. It was bad at such a level that users preferred to download what they wanted to watch instead of streaming it online.

All this has changed with the advancement of the Internet. Broadband Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has spiked the interest in data analysis using the streaming sources which enables data-driven decisions to be taken in real-time.

In order to get real-time analytics from various data sources, there are many companies who have replaced the old batch processing with streaming data architectures. These architectures are equipped with the bandwidth to accommodate batch processing.

In the process of batch processing, the new elements arriving with the data are collected in a group and then the complete group is processed at some future time. Contrary to this, with streaming data architecture, the data is processed in motion. Also, an ETL batch is treated just as another event in a seamless stream of events.

Use Cases of Data Streaming
  • Detect frauds in real time: Data streaming can help a lot in detecting frauds in real       time. If any security breach happens company should must aware about this in       fraction of seconds to minimise losses.
  • Detect failures: Data Streaming can also help in detecting failures network outage,       machine failures.
  • Health Care Services: With the help of data streaming we can alert users about their       elderly people who is sick at his home with the help of watches.
  • Sales: Data Streaming can help companies increasing their sales by sending relevant       data pattern/report to sales team. As soon as sales team have data related to certain       class/category they can easily target to reach customer at the earliest.

  • What are Data Streaming Tools?

    There are number of tools in market that provides Data Streaming or similar functionality. The most important in market are

  • Apache Kafka: It is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system which combines       applications and streaming.
  • Apache Pulsar: Originally created by Yahoo, this is open-source distributed publish-       subscribe messaging system

  • How Data Streaming works with Apache Kafka

    In short

  • Apache Kafka package is easily available to Download
  • Start ZooKeeper Server
  • Start Kafka Server
  • Create Topic
  • Send some messages and see it at consumer end
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  • How does UDLCC help?

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