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Servers are essential for any business to develop data communication. If the server malfunctions, the important data, on which the mission-critical tasks of a business depend on, will not be able to reach its destination within the stipulated time duration, or in some cases, it will not reach at all. This is where server monitoring tools come into the picture. These tools provide the best way for the business to make sure that the servers are operational and functioning, both physically and virtually.

At UDLCC, we provide you a list of some of the best server monitoring tools which help you combat the problem.

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The cloud monitoring service provider, Datadog helps IT professionals to keep a check on the complete infrastructure which includes servers, cloud deployments, networks, and applications. The Datadog tool brings together the IT services and technology monitoring. This provides the business with a wholesome view to check how their network, applications, services, and deployments have been performing. The monitoring tool of the Datadog can be easily integrated with several cloud environments and servers. These can include SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Kubernetes Metrics Server.

ManageEngine OpManager

This is a software that helps in network monitoring and has some server monitoring capabilities also. OpManager is equipped to perform monitoring of networks in real-time. In addition, it also allows the monitoring of virtual and physical servers along with WAN links. With OpManager, discovering and measuring of performance of every device connected to a network is possible. The software also helps in monitoring physical and virtual server periodically via SNMP and WMI protocols. It helps in keeping a check on the health, availability, and performance of the server in real-time.


This is a solution that aids performance monitoring. It also analyzes the performance of networks, servers, websites, and applications for the deployment of operating systems such as Linux and Windows. The monitoring solution of the server includes storage, CPU, memory, as well as disk monitoring besides the regular health checks of the servers. Other than monitoring of the networks and websites, another feature of Monitis is the custom service monitoring abilities. This feature helps the IT teams to customize their monitoring solutions in order to meet their requirements.

Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a network monitoring software, centralized enterprise server, and application. Nagios XI is powered by the Nagios Core 4 engine and it helps the users to get insight into the server performance, application, servers, and network protocols. There are hundreds of third-party add-ons that are supported by the Nagios XI. This lets the software to monitor the common business applications. There is also a customizable GUI offered by the platform with the help of which the users can create the best layout and design as required by their IT teams.

How does UDLCC help?

Running servers cannot ensure the same performance all the time. This can lead to shut down or even sometimes crash. To combat situations like these, the system administrator must stay aware of the parameters which are needed to monitor for server uptime and performance.

It is for these reasons that UDLCC designed a program which gives you training about monitoring tool. With the help of this training, you can gain knowledge to monitor your server for maximum uptime and performance. Since nobody can keep a check on the servers 24x7 to monitor the activities, one must need to know how the monitoring tools work and which ones will give you uptime, performance, and forecast of failure scenarios.

To get the training, please write to us or fill the inquiry form and we will immediately get back to you with contents and other details.

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