About MemSQL

Everything you need to know about MemSQL

A SQL database which is designed to perform analytical and transactional workloads and is scalable is referred to as MemSQL. These workloads often demand impeccable performance, durability, and consistency. MemSQL has gained quite a popularity across the globe and market giants such as Zynga, Shutterstock, and StreetHawk depend on MemSQL for many of their complex business applications.

MemSQL comes with several interesting properties that make it a hot favorite in the market. These properties include:

  • Distributed architecture: Usually, there is a cluster of servers on which the MemSQL database management runs. But, for users, only a single interface has to be addressed to put in or to get out data from MemSQL. There are many details handled by this database management system like which servers store a specific amount of data and distributed query logic. With MemSQL, the users can use the resources for their benefit without having to get a consultation from a distributed systems expert.
  • Optimized memory: Users who use MemSQL, get the option of reading as well as writing the data directly in and out of the main memory. When you access data in data random access-memory, it is faster than a disk and even a flash or an SSD. This enhances the performance of high-throughput transaction processing and real-time analytics.

  • What is the future of MemSQL?

    As many experts suggest, technology is evolving rapidly, and many software equipped with this new technology are introduced to the market every now-and-then. These new and enhanced software can handle a large amount of data and can easily process them. But, regardless of this, it is important to note that MemSQL is being used by many companies across the globe which makes it a legacy system. These companies have been using MemSQL for years now and it will take quite a while for them to switch to a new database management system.

    What are the job opportunities with MemSQL?

    As mentioned earlier, MemSQL is being used by many big shot companies in the market today. This means there are more than enough employment opportunities for job seekers. However, limiting yourself to one tool might not be the most recommended thing to do for career growth. MemSQL skills can be transferred to several other areas of database administration. This is also important since there are many parallel databases that are faster and more scalable storming the market rapidly.

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