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With so much data being produced every day across the globe, data management becomes imperative. Database Management always requires maintenance and care to for availability. In this process, regular improvements and checks are performed on the data in order to maintain it with utmost care.

To understand it better, data maintenance can be compared to caring for the health of your body. Just like your body, data also needs regular maintenance. For example, when you leave your teeth without brushing or proper oral care, they are at high risk of decay. Similarly, data stored in a database is at a high risk of decay. This is when database management comes into the picture. It ensures that the data is in good health and it finds any rot and prevents it from progression.

When an organization produces data, its importance and sensitivity can only be understood when you step inside the shoes of the data owner. But, we at UDLCC understand that any data is of paramount importance for its owner. Data can be produced by anyone therefore, there is a very high chance that the owner of the data is not an expert at protecting or maintaining the data. When the data is of small size, it is not difficult. But, when big organizations are involved,the data size multiplies significantly. Organizations in today’s time rely heavily on data and the larger the data size, the higher the dependency.

With the increase in data size, obviously, the liability of data maintenance also grows. In such situations, there are several organizations that hire experts on a retainership for data maintenance. But, at UDLCC we believe that hiring experts can cost the organizations a fortune. Therefore, to combat the problem of data maintenance, at UDLCC we recommend and provide database managed services and a knowledge for maintaining your data on your own and without any external help. For this, a very small will go into it and you will be ready to maintain your data in the most reliable way. At UDLCC, we teach you and make you well-equipped with the techniques of data maintenance. In addition to that, we also provide consultation for data protection at your doorstep.

Database management is our core area of expertise. We put our knowledge and a wide range of technologies like, MySQL, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Data Pipeline, Spark, Apache Kafka, Data Streaming, AWS S3, AWS Glacier, AWS EC2, AWS CLi and MemSQL to use in order to give our learners the best results.

We are based in New Delhi and serve India, USA and other countries online.

We provide online training and support for learners.

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Why choose UDLCC

The United Data Learning and Consulting is the leading company for database managed services and learning, we have expertise in rendering guidance, training, and consultation in database management and support. Ours is a team of knowledgeable trainers who provide training to the users. With our training services, the users can aim at becoming experts in managing a database of their big organizations. Our methodologies are innovative and ever-evolving. Thus, we are always up to date with the market trends in the field of database management. Our team of database specialists is well-versed with the best practices of the market and hence, they can identify the upcoming challenges in advance.

Our core services can be classified into four broad categories namely training, guidance, management, and consultancy. Here’s adding some details to these services.

Database Managed Services

Providing database managed services and maintain databases is our core area of expertise.


We have a team of experts who have gained knowledge in different fields of the database management industry. They are also exemplary teachers who impart their knowledge in the best way possible.


One of our core services is providing guidance to individual data owners and big organizations which will help them in managing and maintaining their database more efficiently.


UDLCC experts also train people to make them well-versed with the techniques of small, as well as large databases.

At UDLCC, we believe in enlightening the core concept of the database. For this, we use our best-proven techniques and innovations. These techniques help us in providing instructions to the users for maintaining and governing databases on a small and large scale. We also train and make the user proficient in developing and controlling their database on their own terms.

Our vision works on the principle to make each organization self-sufficient enough to maintain and optimize their simple, as well as the complex, database. Our motive is also to reduce the expenditure in sustaining irregular database administrator activities which most companies are ready to bear.

We Are With You Every Step Get Started Easily.

Some important facts

An organization seeking to purchase a Database Management Software must consider these facts:

  • Easy to use
  • Need less maintenance
  • Less or no License fee
  • Failure detection and discoverability
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